Faith Forward: From Visitor to Leader is a guided path for Unitarian Universalists to follow in your congregation. The Intro package includes the first steps on the Faith Forward CORE Path - the Inquirers Series, Roots, and Beyond Inquirers. For everything you need to not only welcome and integrate visitors, but also to develop engaged and connected members and leaders, check out the Faith Forward Path package.

Newcomers arrive at our doors seeking a path to connect and get involved, and these classes respond to this need. The Inquirers Series is nine sessions, each addressing a topic about Unitarian Universalism or your congregation, which are repeated on rotation throughout the year. Roots is a one-session, fun and informative overview of the history of our faith. Beyond Inquirers builds on the overview of the Inquirers Series, delving deeper into who we are as Unitarian Universalists and how we do church.

The goals of the Inquirers Series, Roots, and Beyond Inquirers are:

  • Make our church values and culture transparent and known to newcomers, so that they may make an informed decision about membership in our church

  • Acquaint newcomers with church staff, ministers, and lay leaders

  • Establish a “safe space” for newcomers to learn more about the church in the form of a regularly scheduled small group designed for their need

  • Introduce newcomers to the history of our Unitarian Universalist faith



Newcomer Classes - Inquirers, Beyond Inquirers, and Roots (15 sessions)

  • Facilitator Guides

  • Participant Handouts

  • Videos for Roots and Beyond Inquirers

  • Inquirers Implementation Guide

  • Name tag template for participants and facilitators

  • Customizable promotional materials

  • Customizable sign-in sheets and evaluation forms

  • Support from Faith Forward staff

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